Video DJ Kurvy (VJ Kurvy) has passionately mixing and creating music since 1995, and has made thousands of appearances throughout the United States. Often, VJ Kurvy is who the professionals turn to when needing a song or video remixed. As a Nationally Documented Video DJ (Mary Maurice- Delgado Community College “Video Mania”), VJ Kurvy has worked as a Trainer, Remixer, and Movie Supervising Video/ Special Effect Editor (In Purgatory- IMdb 2009). VJ Kurvy has opened up for several artist such as Deekline and DJ Muggs (Cypress Hill).

After a very successful career as a DJ in the 90s, Kurvy decided to pursue a career in the movie industry. After noticing that nightclubs in other countries were starting to place video systems in venues, Kurvy decided to combine his two talents creating “something great.” He used both his talents as a Videographer and DJ starting a “National Push” for the technology. In 2007, Kurvy accepted a resident position at Escapades/ Tribute (Louisiana’s oldest and most respected Nightclubs) where he began a weekly Video Set. Kurvy met much resistance and opposition but continued to “push” the unstoppable technology. Kurvy’s determination paid off after having a national documentary filmed about his role in the “art” of Video Mixing and the “Push” of the Technology across the United States.

Shortly after the documentary was filmed, Kurvy was approached by Universal Studios artist “Hypercrush” for a video remix for the Usher song “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love.”Kurvy’s work landed on the Universal Studio’s Website gaining instant National attention, and landing him work from large companies, such as Redbull. In the media spotlight and every DJs radar, he performed across the United States at large Venues such as Hard Rock and House of Blues.

Kurvy, considered a leader in the field of video mixing, taught the art at various DJ schools across the United States. His Videos have have distribution with various remix companies such as RemixVidz.com and GigaWax.com. Additionally, VJ Kurvy has been featured on several sites such as New Orleans.com, Louisiananightlife.com and Magazines such as “Where y’at” (Tourism Journal).

To find out more information visit VJ Kurvy’s official home at http://www.vjkurvy.com !

Hypercrush- Universal Music Group Artist- www.hypercrush.com